the firm
MELVIN R FAIN ARCHITECTS, INC. was formed in 1980 by Melvin Fain after a 5 year relationship with TGI Friday’s as Vice-President-Architecture. 
The Firm specializes in projects for the Restaurant & Entertainment Industry.
architect/interior designer
MELVIN R FAIN ARCHITECTS, INC. is more than an architectural design firm.  The Firm designs the projects and performs the normal architectural services, but is also the interior designer for all their projects.  The Firm selects all colors, surfaces, finishes, furnishings, and for most projects, designs the decorative light fixtures, specialty blown glass, decorative etched, slumped, and blasted glass, wood carvings, decorative ironwork, signage concepts, and just about anything unique for these projects that is considered as “set  design” elements for the concept.  The Firm has developed long-term relationships with the artisans, craftsmen, and specialty fabricators from all over the U.S.
construction administration
MELVIN R FAIN ARCHITECTS is involved in the construction of most of the projects designed by the Firm as the leader in the Construction Administration.  As a prelude to this service during the Design Development Phase, the Firm establishes a realistic itemized Probable Construction Cost and Probable Project Cost. Prior to construction bidding, these costs are revised to reflect changes that have occurred during the design of the project.
The Firm selects the prime bidders based upon previous relationship or as qualified to build the project.  All bidders must meet basic minimal requirements based upon their prior history, proper size for the intended work, suitable subcontractor base, financial stability, player compatibility, and industry reputation.
As Project Administrator, the Firm will direct the project to properly mesh all the pieces and help control the dollars spent.
As in the other relationships of the project, MELVIN R FAIN ARCHITECTS has numerous on-going relationships with engineering, kitchen design, AV designers, Landscape Architects, code consultants, and other needed consultants that will be retained as needed and approved by the Owner.